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1 set of our solar water heater
Save 550kg CO2

YN Solar water heating is a simple, efficient, and affordable technology that provides hot water and saves on energy bills.

YN Solar can provide the below advantages:-

– 24 hour 7 days a week hot water supply with a minimum power consumption.
– Heat up water with free energy provided by sun
– Help to reduce carbon foot print on the earth
– Reduce your electricity bill
– Help to preserve mother nature
– Requires little maintenance
– Reduces the amount of pollution created by burning fossil fuels or gas
– Reduce the chance of Electricity Shock
– Replacement of conventional Gas / Electric water heater

YN Solar is one of the most common used solar water heating system for household, hotel, hospital, project application etc. It has simple structure and working principle but is most economical.

It is easy to be installed on the roof indeed as top as possible to keep water head and get enough water flow pressure, cause the compact system has non-pressure, water flows depending on gravity water head.

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