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Waterproofing Solution

SEALPOV is an innovative water proof product developed exclusively by Mountain Innovations. The break through lies with its breathable technique where moisture beneath the coated surface can still evaporate and releases the inner pressure, thereby reducing the possibility of cracking.

SEALPOV is environmental friendly with its low Volatile Organic Compound (“VOC”) content and hence poses minimum health risk to toxic gas.

SEALPOV is colourless and will preserve the original appearance of the coated surface. The applied coating cannot be removed via water-based or cleaning-agent-based washing or even with high pressure cleaning equipment, hence making it more durable.

SEALPOV comes in pre-mix solution and no hacking is required for any preventive application, making it convenient and cost effective to water proof.

Product Feature
1. Pre-mix and hence easy to use
2. Anti mold and fungus
3. Colourless and hence retain original surface colours and textures
4. Paint can still be applied on all SealPov coated surface
5. Odourless and hence quicker turnaround time during repair and construction
6. Environmental friendly
7. Cost effective

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